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Air conditioner has been out all weekend. It is complicated because it is not the unit, but rather over flow issues that I didn’t want pouring through my ceiling. It’s not a hard fix necessarily, but something more tedious.

I was 0-for-2 with companies until I came across Ronald at Punbar Heating & Cooling Solutions.

In terms of customer service, and making me feel like he really cared that it was 87 degrees inside my house all weekend, Ronald did exactly that.

Those of you that know me know that I’m a more creative type, and things like home repair are not in my wheel-house. Ronald didn’t make me feel like a dunce and took the time to explain things to me.

If you have to call anybody in the Houston-Metro area, I would really, really, really suggest you give his company a call.

CL Cobb

I recently purchased my 1st home. The inspection report indicated that the air ducts had several leaks and needed repairing. Because of some problems with the previous owner, I wanted to make sure the work had been done right. I met with the company that did the repairs but they were not able to answer all of my questions leaving me unsure if the problem had been resolved.

I called Punbar for a second opinion. They were quick to respond and were able to accommodate to my busy work schedule.

They did an full analysis of my AC system. They were able to tell me that the tape that had been used to repair my ducts by the previous owner was not the right type of tape for ducts that are located in the attic. In addition, they found parts of the roof that had not been insulted in the guest bedroom. They found that I did not have the right size filters for the AC. The ones that we had were too small causing the unit to work more and be less efficient.

Punbar provided us with a detailed report that included recommendations for right now, short term, and long term to improve the efficiency of our AC.

They were able to answer all of my questions and were very professionally. I highly recommend Punbar for you AC needs. Thanks guys!

Charlie M - Pearland, TX

My experience with Punbar was extraordinary.

My main problems were differences of temperature in the rooms of my baby and my toddler (Most of the time I kept sleepless by adjusting the temperature at night) and the other issue was high humidity brought in my house which caused unpleasant smells in rooms and closets.

I contacted different A/C companies that always recommended me that I needed to replace the unit or even install a bigger unit to solve these problems, which never convince my husband (an engineer).

Finally, I found Punbar. At the beginning, I was hesitant to contact them because I thought their service would be more expensive since they start by performing a system evaluation (that sounded too much engineering to me for a simple home AC system) but I was mistaken. Punbar was able to find the problem and the solution ended being much cheaper than what other companies had proposed. They performed a thorough analysis of my system, including an exhaustive analysis of the attic. After their evaluation, they indicated to me that the unit’s capacity was correctly size but the ducts and plenum were not correctly installed for my home system also, attic insulation and ventilation were deficient.

After Punbar completed all the system modifications, we are VERY happy with the outcome – all room temperatures in children bedrooms are equal and very stable all day long (monitored by baby cameras). And, A/C system is more efficient that we noticed it with the savings on our electricity bills (around 20% lower); this is what my husband liked it the most.

We highly recommend this company.

Maria Alcala - West Houston (Energy Corridor)

I’ve contacted PUNBAR after numerous chances to the AC company that made the original installation to my house to solve the uncomfortable hot (cold in the winter) rooms of my kids.
PUNBAR experts performed a throughout inspection of my home and presented a very professional report with findings and recommendations to solve the issue. I’m extremely satisfied with the results (flow improvement) after modifications to the duct system and besides saving energy ($$$) due to the overall system efficiency improvement. Apart from that I switched to PUNBAR to take care of the maintenance.
Previous company I had, only performed 21 check points but did not washed/cleaned the equipment. This is my third home and I’ve never seen a company perform maintenance like PUNBAR. 100% recommended!

Nadia R - West Houston (Energy Corridor)

I highly recommend Punbar, they were able to identify a lot of issues on the A.C system for a new house I was buying that not even the builder knew about. They also helped us explain all the issues to the vendor and thanks to their service, we were able to negotiate all the repairs before buying the house! Excellent service!

Mark Whelton - Houston (The Heights area)

Excellent team of highly trained professionals. They went above and beyond to diagnose my A/C design issues.

Michael A - Downtown Houston (Washington Av)

Great professionalism and knowledge of the HVAC system. Punbar is not just like other companies. I highly recommend to use Punbar for any question/installation/maintenance/assessment of your air conditioning.

Juan B- West Houston (Energy Corridor)

Excellent service! Very prompt and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend

Sadaf J- West Houston (Energy Corridor)

I was looking for a HVAC company that would replace my 24 year old 10 SEER RUUD system, 13 year old 13 SEER Amana/Goodson system, coils and two 24 year old furnaces. Also, I was certain that I did not have enough returns or supplies. The first four HVAC companies (all experienced and reputable companies) I called to come out, look at my systems, and give me an estimate just wanted to replace my existing systems. They did not think I needed any returns, supplies, or improved duct work even after I told them by my calculations I did (yes, I did my own amateur Manual D calculations). None of the four companies did any testing, they just eyeballed it. I got the feeling they did what was easy for them and their crews. I think all four of these companies would have done a decent job of just replacing my systems (or I wouldn’t of called them) but I wanted more and expected more for the money they would make off me. I kept going and called PUNBAR.

I found them on Angies list and read the reviews. I looked at and read those reviews. I read their website and discovered that this company seemed to care about the design and layout of your entire HVAC system, so I called them. I am very glad I did. Ronald Amaya, one of the owners, and Hector, an experienced member of the crew came to give look at my system and give me an estimate. They checked my system inside and out. They were in my hot attic for a long while in order to perform static pressure tests on my systems to verify problems with my return and supplies. They do this for everyone because I did not ask them to do it, After they were done testing, Ronald sat down with me and we went over the results which confirmed what I already thought, that my systems were under returned, poorly supplied, with leaky old, tangled duct work.

My home was built in 1993 before they cared much about such things. He showed me his pricing which is broken down into five plans from basic to platinum. No pressure of any kind regarding what plan I wanted. I will tell you that their basic plan estimate which would replace just the two HVAC systems was LOWER IN PRICE than any of the four other estimates I received. If I wanted two new systems only, I would have chosen PUNBAR anyway. I decided on the gold plan, which was a lot of money, and I did think long and hard about it, but in the end I decided it was worth the extra money to have correctly designed, and installed system that provided a balanced, comfortable and efficient home environment. We plan to stay in our home at least 10 more years. My wife and I have no regrets (my wife was included in all discussions and decisions).

The installation went flawlessly. Ronald was detail oriented and meticulous. Ronald and his crew were on time and ready to everyday. He paid attention to every code, and process. For example, since I was going from R22 to R410a refrigerant the system is suppose to be pressure tested and flushed of any R22 traces, but many HVAC companies do not mention this or do it thinking it unnecessary and it costs them a few more bucks. You should see my attic, the ducts are stretched, hung and run as efficiently as possible to their destinations, which was not easy considering the design of my attic. Truly a work of art. My 16 SEER Trane condensers outside are properly spaced and on new higher pads because we possibly flood here in Houston (not my home luckily). The outside lines and dryers from the condensers going into my home are insulated and wrapped to perfection. I have never seen anything like it. I am not kidding. It is beautiful work.

Details, I care about them and PUNBAR does too. Diego, another owner came out to look over the job and to help install the Nest thermostats. They ran a fifth wire from the systems in the attic to the thermostat rather than use the work around. I have all new high efficiency ceiling vents properly aligned to efficiently cool each room. Ronald had a company do a duct blast test to isolate duct leaks and whether the the total leak percentage was acceptable for a home built in 1993. He came back again (I always called to set up the appointment they did not just show up) to balance the dampers and vents by doing a duct blow test to document the CFM coming out of each vent (not the same as a duct blast test). He put in larger size ducts to make sure the supplies were getting sufficient CFMs (cubic feet per minute of air flow). He sealed as best he could the using closed cell foam the cracks in my antiquated downstairs return which was made of duct board (not solid metal or flex material). There was no way to replace it without tearing out drywall.

The kicker, I have a free 6 month check up and free labor on warrantied work for the next 4 years. The Trane warranty is for 10 years on parts. PUNBAR filed the registration documents for me in order to receive the 10 year warranty instead of the 5 years if you do not register the installation. They will be doing all my routine servicing as well but after the 6 month free one I will pay the normal service rate. If you are not getting the education, options and detailed work described above from your HVAC company giving you a new system estimate or servicing your already existing system then do yourself a favor and call PUNBAR.

Guy Piche- West Houston (Energy Corridor)

Very knowledgeable folks. They answer all your questions. Gave me a phone consultation before and clarify the service to be performed.

Overall very happy.

Will hire again

Luis Medina – Houston (Galleria Area)

It went very well. They did everything as they promised. It passed City inspection without any issues. It’s an expensive project (no getting around that) but their prices were very fair.

Christine Shaw – West Houston (Energy Corridor)

Excellent work from the team that came on-site. Very knowledgeable and customer focused. They took the time to explain everything they were doing and why. I received detailed reports after visit.

Our AC is performing better as a result and our comfort has improved. Best value. Service exceeded expectations. Highly recommended.

Sylvain Eudier – Houston (Energy Corridor)

These guys aren’t salesmen, they are honest brokers in the field. They don’t push unnecessary stuff, like others, they respond to what you need. Ronald is always available to answer questions, and is very good at describing the process and/or limitations. They will also follow-up after the work is done. Hire them, you won’t regret it. My house is like being inside a refrigerator now when I run my air conditioning.

Juan Sierra – Lakes of Parkway – Houston (Energy Corridor)

Replaced furnace same day and worked late into the night. Above and beyond what i expected. I really appreciate Ronald and his team for their advice and speed.

Wayne Phillips – Spring,TX

Ronald and his associates performed the work as described in our initial constellation. Once completed, he walked through my entire home explaining all of the problem areas and what could be done to promote efficiency with my unit. The next day he sent over a very detailed report with graphs and solutions to all of my homes issues.

His solutions ranged from short term- mid term – and long term. He was not forceful in any direction, but rather inclined to answer all of my questions. The dialogue was one that I have never experienced from an AC Technician.

I would highly recommend Punbar if if you prefer honesty, quality, and experience.

Jason Fruge – Spring, TX

Would highly recommend at this juncture. Appreciated his overall professionalism, as well as that of his crew.

Ronald gives the HVAC industry some seriously needed integrity and decent ethics as well. Hopefully, as time and my experiences with him continue, this will be sustained. I’d be very disappointed if this were to change like so many others in this industry do — the honesty is displaced with greed; I hope this doesn’t happen with Punbar.

Fara Gaitz – Houston (Galleria Area)

Perfect! We could not be happier. Who doesn’t cringe when their AC goes out in the middle of a Houston summer. Here comes Houston summer pricing… Not with Punbar.

I was convinced our evaporator coil had finally died and need someone to replace. So, I decided to “shop” it around. Candidly, if Punbar would have given me a reasonable price, I would have told them to do the work without question. However, not the case. He said you will have to replace coil at some point, but your fix is relatively minor $150.00… reasonable and we were not taken advantage of.

Punbar will get all of our AC business.

Steve Vierra - West Houston (Energy Corridor)

PUNBAR was great to work with when it comes to their inspection services. From start to finish I was very pleased with my experience. They came to do the inspection within the quoted time frame. The inspection was professional, conducted with the latest tools and most importantly it was so engineering driven that the builder was immediately in agreement with all findings. My new home HVAC system has been working reliably and under its design parameters since inception. In addition all suggested changes just made my HVAC system to work on a more sustainable basis, especially under Houston temperature conditions. Their prices are very reasonable and it’s nice knowing you’re working with a knowledgeable and professional people – it’s very refreshing feeling. I would not hesitate to hire them again & recommend to others.

Description of work:

New Home HVAC System inspection audit. Independent audit perform to ensure the HVAC system of my new home was installed and operating as design.

Alejandro Nebreda – Houston (The Heights Area)

The team was great, they measured air flow in each room and sent me a detailed report on what in the AC system needed to be fixed in order to correct the system. These guys are pros all around.

Description of work:

I needed an analysis done on my AC system to see what changes were needed to even out cooling in all rooms of my house. My house was built without adequate A/C flow in all rooms of my house.

Michael Alff - Houston (The Heights area)