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Maintenance & Repair

At Punbar we know that your heating system will need to be routinely checked and inspected, to make sure that everything is working at its full potential and preventing damage. Annual maintenance allows your system to work at highest proficiency during their equipment lifespan. Annual maintenance guarantees systems to have considerably fewer breakdowns and repairs.

Our heating packages pricing:

Tune Up

Our tune up plan includes the following services:

+ Inspect condenser coil

+ Check actual voltage at compressor against manufacturer’s ratings

+ Check electrical connections

+ Check starting cycles

+ Check all safety controls

+ Check thermostat for proper calibration

+ Check for proper refrigerant charge

+ Inspect indoor blower motor

+ Check condensate drain and drain lines for blockage

+ Check emergency drain and drain pan for blockage

+ Inspect evaporator coil (if possible)

+ Check return air chases, ducts and filters

+ Inspect accessible duct-work for air leaks

+ Inspect starting and running capacitors

+ Measure volts/amps on motors

+ Measure temperature (outlet at supply grill)

+ Measure unit static pressure

+ Prepare a Heating System Air test report for the system at your home

+ Additional System: $90



Includes everything from our TUNE UP PLAN and more:

+ Clean and adjust burner assembly

+ Clean ignition assembly

+ Examine heat exchanger

+ Perform CO combustion Analysis

+ Draft Measurement (CO release)

+ Test safety controls

+ Clean or replace standard air filters (1 per unit)

+ Clean and adjust blower components

+ Tighten electrical connections

+ Adjust thermostat calibration

+ Discount on Repairs

+ Discount on Parts

+ Additional System: $115


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