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Meet The Team

Diego – Owner and Engineering

Diego is responsible for planning and logistics.

He is passionate about technology and how to integrate them into our daily lives, loves efficiency and standardization.
He can speak three languages (Spanish/English/French).

Diego has a master’s degree in automation from Metz University in France and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Ronald – Owner and Business Development

Ronald is responsible for marketing and finance.

He has 15 years of experience in project management, marketing, and new business development. He has a broad vision to identify opportunities and establish strategic alliances with suppliers. He worked in the Oil and Gas business for more than 15 years.

Ronald has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Eliezer – Consultant

Eliezer is responsible for thermal load calculations and failure analysis with 30 years of experience in system design, installation, and maintenance of HVAC systems.

He is very methodical and does not rest until he finds the root of the problem.

Eliezer has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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