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Ronald Amaya, co-owner of Punbar LLC of Houston, TX was presented with the 2020 National Comfort Institute (NCI) Chairman’s Award during that organization’s virtual High-Performance HVAC conference on October 7th.

Each year this prestigious award is presented to individuals who are staunch supporters of NCI’s mission to help heating and air conditioning contractors deliver measured performance of the highest possible quality and value to their customers. The winners also implement company-wide Performance-Based Contracting™* practices and contribute a great deal of time to sharing their HVAC industry knowledge with others.

Says NCI’s Chairman and CEO Dominick Guarino, “The Chairman’s award was created to recognize truly remarkable individuals who have personally invested themselves in NCI’s approach to not just the technical side of Performance, but also in terms of how they manage and lead their companies. It’s truly exciting to see how over the 27 years we have been doing this that leaders, like Ronald Amaya, continue to excel as visionaries for their companies.

Qualifications for the NCI Chairman’s Award include:

  • The company must be a strong supporter of NCI and its mission
  • As a company, they must work to implement all aspects of NCI’s methods in service, sales, and installation of HVAC systems
  • The leadership should be an excellent sounding board for NCI’s leadership and be willing to provide feedback
  • In that light, the firm should be a great contributor of ideas, energy, and time when it comes to delivering High-Performance in every aspect of their business.

“The leader of this rapidly growing business which was founded just five years ago is an amazing individual. Ronald is a mechanical engineer who decided to create a company from scratch that would be different right out of the box,” Guarino says.

“Within a few months of launching the company, Ronald discovered NCI, and dove in headfirst. He and his partner attended every training and event they could get to, including every Summit since they joined the membership starting with Summit 2016.”

Guarino also pointed out how Punbar’s mission from the very beginning was to be a contracting company that was head and shoulders above everyone else in terms of quality, comfort, safety, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency. To this, they sought to satisfy their thirst for knowledge and have grown at a steady pace after just a few years.”

Why choose an NCI-certified contractor like Getzschman Heating?

For the same reasons people choose:

  • A certified public accountant to do their taxes
  • A certified realtor to sell their houses
  • An AMA-certified doctor to examine and treat them
  • A bar-certified lawyer to represent them in court.

In these professions, the designations come to people who have studied, tested, and achieved a level of competence that resulted in receiving a professional certification.

An NCI-certified contractor in system performance and balancing, or certified in carbon monoxide and combustion safety, is no different. NCI-certified contractors have attended classes, learned how to use specialized equipment, and are constantly up-to-date on the latest diagnostic and repair techniques in these fields. An NCI-certified technician has passed a recognized testing process that validates his or her understanding of the technology and procedures used in this field. In addition, NCI monitors its certified contractors and requires recertification every two years.

Says NCI Chairman, Dominick Guarino, “We are pleased and honored, to present Ronald Amaya and the entire team at Punbar with this award.”

THE NATIONAL COMFORT INSTITUTE (NCI) is the nation’s premier Performance-Based training, certification, and membership organization focused on helping heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical contractors achieve the highest standards of professionalism and craftsmanship in the industry. To date, the organization has trained and certified more than 28,000 industry professionals in a variety of disciplines including system diagnostics and design, indoor air quality, air balancing, carbon monoxide analysis, and combustion efficiency. To learn more, please visit the NCI website at

*NCI coined the phrase “Performance-Based Contracting™”, a unique approach to managing a contracting business through accountability and measurable results. During the past two decades, NCI has trained and certified more than 28,000 HVAC professionals.