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Approximately 85 percent of homes in the southern United States currently use central air to stay cool during the summer.

If you are part of the group and rely on ductwork to move air through the house, it’s important to take good care of it.

If you do not make air duct renovations or replacements a priority as soon as warning signs arise, your air conditioner might not function as well as you’d like.

Are you unsure whether your home needs an air duct renovation?

Below we discuss eight signs that you should watch out for.

1. Your Utility Bills Are Rising

Before they realize that they need an air duct renovation or replacement, many people first notice an increase in their utility bills.

Have you started paying more to keep your home cool than usual? Is there a major dent in your wallet from higher-than-average energy bills?

When your air ducts are leaking or blocked, your air conditioner cannot run in the most efficient way possible. This, in turn, causes it to work harder, which results in more expensive cooling costs for you.

2. Your Air Conditioner Is not Doing Its Job

In addition to higher energy bills, you may also notice a change in your air conditioning system’s performance when it comes to the temperature distribution.

Do certain parts of your house seem to be colder or warmer than others? Are there rooms that never cool down or are always freezing?

If air is not being distributed evenly throughout the house, chances are the ductwork is to blame.

Air duct renovation can help to address leaks or clogs that may be adding to this issue and will help you to keep your house (all of it) at a comfortable temperature.

3. You Notice Strange Smells

Your nose knows when something is gone awry.

Have you been noticing strange smells in your home lately? Does it smell musty, dusty, or like mildew?

If you have sniffed everywhere and cannot figure out where the smell is coming from, it is possible that the source is coming from within your house’s ductwork.

If something is in there that should not be (mold, dust buildup, etc.), you’re going to notice an unpleasant odor every time you run your air conditioner.

4. You Hear Strange Noises

Strange noises are also a cause for concern.

Do you hear banging, whistling, or humming noises whenever you turn on your air conditioner? This can be an indicator of a problem with your air ducts.

There might be too much air flowing through them, for example, or there could be pressure imbalances within the ducts that are causing noises.

Keep in mind, too, that it could also be an issue with the blower, as the ducts can carry sound from this part of the unit throughout your house.

5. Dust Is Piling Up

Does your home seem dustier than usual? Are you constantly pulling out the feather duster to take care of various surfaces?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions and have seen an increase in dust lately, your air ducts could be to blame.

They might be dirty and in need of a thorough cleaning.

If you do not address this now, you could end up with more serious problems, like blockages, later. 

6. You are Experiencing Health Issues

When you neglect your air ducts and allow your air conditioner to continue running in an inefficient way, the air quality in your home could decrease significantly.

This, coupled with increased dust throughout the house, can result in a variety of negative health issues.

Here are some of the symptoms you might experience if your air ducts aren’t operating properly and are in need of renovation:

Increased coughing, sneezing, and/or wheezing

Irritation or itchiness of the eyes

Headaches or migraines

Increased fatigue


Trouble breathing

Poorly functioning air ducts can also exacerbate chronic conditions, especially those that affect the respiratory system.

People with asthma, for example, may experience worsened symptoms if the ductwork in their home is not working as it should.

If you or someone in your family suffers from a condition like this, you should make a concentrated effort to stay on top of your ductwork.

Schedule an inspection right away if you suspect that the air ducts in your home are contributing.

7. It has Been a Long Time Since Your Ductwork Was Renovated/Replaced

No matter how well it is maintained, your ductwork is not meant to last forever. On average, it lasts about 10-15 years before it needs to be replaced or renovated.

If it has been longer than 15 years since you have had this done to your ductwork, or if you’re getting close to this point, it’s a good idea to talk to a professional.

They can let you know what the status of your ducts is and help you plan to renovate or replace the ductwork if necessary.

8. You Have a Pest Problem

Finally, pest problems can also be indicative of a need for duct renovation.

It is not uncommon for pests like rats or mice to make a home for themselves inside of your air ducts.

From here, they can cause damage to the ductwork and contribute to other potential health conditions.

If this issue is not addressed right away, you could end up with a major infestation on your hands and a need for air duct renovation or replacement.

Reach out to a heating and cooling professional right away, as well as a pest control expert, so you can nip this challenge in the bud as quickly as possible.


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