Size Matters: What Size Air Conditioner Should You Pick for Your Home?

Size Matters: What Size Air Conditioner Should You Pick?

When summer hits, experts can’t get over how many people buy the wrong sized air conditioning unit.

Are you lost? Don’t worry, we can help! We will go over why bigger isn’t always better. What size air conditioner you choose depends on a few things about your home and your family.

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What Size Air Conditioner is the Right Choice for My Home?

You don’t want to buy a massive or a tiny one. Bigger is not always better.

If you buy an air conditioner that’s too big, then it will run like a unit from the 80’s. It will turn on fast and cool your house then power off. Your house may be refreshing, but it’s not going through the entire cycle. In addition to that, your system will not go through the dehydration cycle and your house humidity level will raise.

Heat will enter your home, and you’re going to have to turn it back on again. It will turn off again and again. This constant cycle won’t be energy efficient. It will drive up your bill.

If your unit is too tiny, the central air conditioner will run on a hot day and could spend most of the day trying to reach an optimal temperature. It may not be able to keep up. It could spike your electric bill because it’s always running.

A well-sized air conditioner unit will allow you to keep your house comfortable.

Let’s look at a few other factors.

The Square Footage of Your Home

The bigger your house, the more powerful your AC unit should be. Find out how big your home is and bring this information with you when you go to purchase an AC.

Door and Window Placement

A lot of sunlight can warm your home. This affects the indoor temperature. You’re going to want to consider where you will put the unit so it works efficiently.

Wall and Attic Insulation

Thin, old, or inefficient insulation allow heat to slip through all the faces of your house. Consider upgrading your insulation if possible.

Drafty Areas

Old windows allow air to enter your home. Wider door jambs let in a constant influx of outdoor air.

Amount of People Living in Your Home

The more people in a room, the hotter it gets. Your air conditioning unit is going to need to work harder to keep the heat down.

Amount of People With Allergies

Those who suffer from allergies need special help. The air should be clear, clean, and filtered. We can help you improve your indoor air quality! We stick to the latest ASHRAE standards.

Air Filtration Systems

Purification systems clear the air in specific rooms or areas in your house. Full-home air filtration systems can help the whole house.

Choose an air conditioner that keeps your family comfortable and relaxed.

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