Smart thermostats offer capabilities above and beyond the programmable thermostats, keeping homeowners connected and aware of their comfort and energy settings.

Smart thermostats present homeowners with a variety of useful features, such as WiFi connectivity, maintenance alerts, data on energy use, and even the ability to learn your family’s comfort needs.

Smart Thermostat Installations:

Smart thermostats keep homeowners connected and informed regarding their HVAC system and energy use, with the goal of creating a more comfortable and energy efficient indoor environment with little homeowner effort involved.

The energy savings achieved by smart thermostat usage will allow the equipment to pay for itself over time.

How Much Could I Potentially Save?

While actual savings will vary from home to home based on factors such as temperature preferences and energy costs, installing a smart thermostat offers the potential for significant savings. According to ENERGY STAR, correct use of a programmable thermostat will save you approximately $180 per year.

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Source: National Comfort Institute