Carbon Monoxide is the #1 cause of poisonings in the U.S.

Yet less than 5% of all CO Poisonings are reported. The safe and efficient operation of your heating equipment and other combustion appliances cannot be determined without testing, using a calibrated combustion analyzer.

Having a carbon monoxide (CO) monitor in your home or office can save your life. Thousands die each year due to CO poisonings that with a proper CO monitor could have been prevented.

Did you know?

Anything that makes a flame, whether it’s your furnace, water heater, gas oven or automobile, gives off carbon monoxide and could be potentially dangerous without the right precautions.

Low-level exposure (less than 35 PPM) to CO can be confused with flu-like symptoms, food poisoning or other illnesses and can have significant long-term health risks if left untreated.

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Source: National Comfort Institute