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Heating and Cooling in Houston, TX and the Surrounding Areas

Are you looking for a dependable company for your heating and cooling in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas? At Punbar Air we’re a team of engineers doing our very best to address the HVAC issues that are so prevalent in homes today. Your HVAC system is a complex machine designed with many, many moving parts. It takes a professional to correctly install, diagnose and repair these machines. Avoid sinking unnecessary amounts of money into your heating and air conditioning and let the experts take care of you. Our team is highly skilled and well equipped to handle any issue your system is facing!

Performance-Based Contracting

We are proud to offer our customers performance-based contracting. This ensures that a repair, maintenance, or installation job is based on the purpose of the service requested instead of how the work is to be performed. In other words, we perform work according to our client’s specific requirements. Performance-based contracting eliminates costly upgrades and evaluations and ensures that the system operates properly. We evaluate existing equipment and provide solutions that meet their specific requirements. Our performance-based contractors will deliver the best performance and comfort system for you.

Expert HVAC Services in Houston

Proper installation of your heating and air conditioning unit is vital for its efficiency, and effectiveness. If the HVAC team that you hired to install your system installed things incorrectly, it could be costing you money and causing your system unnecessary wear and tear. Improperly addressed problems with your HVAC system do the same. Our aim is to optimize your heating and air conditioning by fixing the problems the last guys left you with.

When we do an installation, our team of engineers will do it right the first time. We focus on the efficiency of your system that will keep your HVAC unit in tip-top shape.

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A well-maintained unit is like any well-oiled machine. They last longer, need fewer repairs and are far more efficient.

For proper maintenance you need to:

  • Know when you should be changing air filters
  • Know how often to bring in experts to oil moving parts
  • Regularly assess your system to see if worn parts should be replaced
  • Have an expert replace worn parts correctly

Taking care of your HVAC can save you money in the long run with fewer repairs and a longer-lasting unit.

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Hire the Best Team for Your Heating and Air Conditioning

In 2015, we were a team of engineers who saw a problem and decided to address it. We began to notice HVAC damages in our own homes. We realized that many of the heating and air conditioning companies around really didn’t know much about the systems they were installing. We want to see our community have bigger savings from well-maintained and properly installed systems.

As we focus on your home’s comfort optimization, we go above and beyond with exceptional customer service. Let us take the headache of HVAC repairs and maintenance off of your shoulders and offer your home better efficiency. You can count on us to always find the root cause of your HVAC needs so you can enjoy total comfort all year-roun in your home.

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“Ron was great. Had to do a lot more than he expected but was very professional and thorough. He explained everything along the way and let me know my options. I recommend very highly.”

James K

five stars

“Excellent service. I have rental property and they have installed new Lennox units and their service was easy to schedule and response quickly. They are my go to company for A/C work.”

Stan B

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